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Are you losing sales to competitors?
...without it, you may have
no chance to compete.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you’re
not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

At this very moment, there are at least nine other companies competing for your existing and potential customers. All are trying to convince them to buy their goods or services instead of yours. In this competitive environment, what must take place for your company to win sales?

1. The buyer must have a need for your product or service.
2. The market(s) you target should be target-rich with prospects.
3. Best is if the companies you target "by virture of their existence" MUST have your product/service in order to SURVIVE.

A. The buyer must be aware that you exist.
B. The buyer must understand what you have to offer.
C. The buyer must perceive you as a contender.
D. The buyer must view your product or service as unique from your competition.
F. The buyer must see you as the preferred choice.

These events have the best chance of occurring with effective branding. Without it, (at worst) the buyer may never even know that you exist, or (at best) never fully understand what your product or service offers...  resulting in lost sales. Chances are, if your competition is winning sales... their branding is better than yours. 

REAL-WORLD REALITY:  If your competitor is better at branding than you... even if their product or service is inferior... THEY WIN.

Whether the buyer encounters you online, on the phone, in your store, in your office, in print or on television, your brand is the first and most lasting impression of your business.  IT IS YOUR CUSTOMER'S ENTIRE EXPERIENCE and is built at every touch point — both marketing and non-marketing — it is the environment your business creates; the collection of assets and processes through which you communicate with customers.

So, who can (and should) help you establish your brand...

Effective branding is not for amateurs. You need a brand and image specialist who has the experience and expertise to look at the whole picture and provide you with what you need to win sales, you need:  NewGlyphics. To find out what possibilities there are for your company, call 817.303.8100.